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MAUI TIME 1.19.2006

The Spice Of Life
On a journey with healer Dennis “SPICE” Prince

 By Jennifer Russo

 “The body is like a car” he says, “It needs maintenance".

 Dennis Prince, proprietor of Island Spice, explains that to be healthy, you have to keep yourself  mentally clean  and nourished, and that healing is a continuous process.......... READ MORE

BEACH LIFE 6.5.2008

Pet Corner

Destination Dog:

Rasta; a name closer associated with a dreadlocked Jamaican than a dog. Yet alas, my travels to Maui soon reinvented that connotation.

She sat sunbathing in the warm sun, eyes closed, nose tilted toward the sky, inhaling the westward breeze. As we made eye contact, I held my breath expecting a loud yapping  ........ READ MORE

Maui Bulletin 4.12.2001

Island Spice

Dennis R. Prince, also known as “SPICE” by friends, is a skilled traditional herbalist and energy worker actively practicing on the island of Maui. He operates a healing research center assisting people locally and from around the world to bring themselves back to wellness  ........ READ MORE