Destination Dog: Rasta

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BEACH LIFE 6.5.2008

Pet Corner

Destination Dog:

Rasta; a name closer associated with a dreadlocked Jamaican than a dog. Yet alas, my travels to Maui soon reinvented that connotation. She sat sunbathing in the warm sun, eyes closed, nose tilted toward the sky, inhaling the westward breeze. As we made eye contact, I held my breath expecting a loud yapping noise (as typical from little dogs). Instead, her tail began to wag and after a long stretch, she trotted inside the store.

The store is called Island Spice. The owner’s name is Dennis Prince, or as the locals call him, Spice. He is an herbalist, psychic, energy worker, and now shop owner of surf clothing line titled Island Spice. His schedule is full; however he finds serenity with his pint-sized pal. “There’s a woman up the street who breeds Jack Russell-Chihuahhua mixes.” Noticing the shocking expression on my face that Rasta had a high-energy breed in her, he explained further. “I’ve never seen any of her (breeders) dogs hyper, and Rasta was the chillest and tiniest of them all.” He brought her home tucked inside his sweatshirt pocket. Now, nearing ten pounds Rasta helps run the surf store. It seems as though she is better suited for the Public Relations side of the business, as she draws both tourist and locals into the store. Not only that, she is a walking testament on how herbal supplements can better the life of a pet (notice her shiny coat and bright eyes).

     Spice is hoping to sponsor some of the world’s top pro surfers with his new line of herbal products. Then soon after, he is planning on an herbal supplement line for pets, as well as books and seminars. Spice is one of the calmest, yet driven individuals I’ve met. I never knew that personality combination existed.

     I left the store with two Island Spice souvenirs; a t-shirt, and a great story of a laid back, “island style” dog named Rasta Lilikoi and her owner, Spice. Mahalo you two! For more information about Rasta, Spice and/or the Island Spice store go to