Island Spice Hawaii


Spice Prince is blessed with three different offices in his life. His one office is Mother Earth who holds all the plants of nature for Spice to gather.

The Mystical Ocean is another office to which Spice holds sacred. And his other office for play is the Island Spice Herbal Research Center. Here at the Herbal Research Center he is constantly inventing and experimenting with the ancient art of Earth Alchemy.

Inside The HRC

This Earth Alchemy includes the extensive utilization of plants ranging from the making of oils, colognes, perfumes, plant frequencies, to an endless amount of all natural medicinal products.

There are so many other methods to witness and experience on the ancient knowledge’s of healing here at the Herbal Research Center as well.

This is also where clients locally and from around the world come to seek out Spice for his knowledge of healing with the hopes to bring themselves back to a positive state of health and wellness.

If you are on the island of Maui and would like to attempt scheduling an appointment with Spice Prince, traditional herbalist, you may contact him at his office via email: ** Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this site.