Our History

logo02youngspiceIsland Spice Hawaii, A Spiritual Surf Co. and Herbal Research Center was created by Spice Prince. Spice is a highly skilled traditional herbalist, psychic and energy channeler actively practicing on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Currently, he operates his healing research center assisting people locally and from around the world by helping them to bring themselves back into wellness. His wide array of different modalities to facilitate the healing process has allowed him to help those with health problems ranging from Aids to warts. This is done with the use of his knowledge on herbs, diet, and proper lifestyle. Massage, body work, meditations, color and sound therapies are also a few of many techniques incorporated into the traditional methods used by Spice to help others achieve a state of well being naturally. Over years of training, experience, and observation, he has opened and connected with his ability to read the eyes, face, body, hair, skin, voice, walk of a person and more to help him detect if the body is physically, emotionally, and/or electrically out of balance.  But his greatest gift of all is his blessed ability to channel energies from a divine source and move suppressed energy from the body.  This suppressed energy caused from negative thought can block the spiritual body which can manifest "dis-ease"in the physical body. This diversity of knowledge has given Spice the privilege and opportunity to appear on television, be published in news articles, as well as being broadcast on national "talk-show" radio.

spicesurfSpice learned much of his herbal lore from his grandparents at a very young age. He was taught farming techniques and the extensive utilization of plants and nature. These lessons include many "old folk" remedies for ailments. These remedies may come in the form of salves, tinctures, syrups, concoctions, oils, powders, teas, poultices, energetic plant frequencies, entheogens and more. Aside from internal and external natural plant medicines, his expanded knowledge on the uses of plants also include the making of jewelry, soaps and shampoos, natural oils, colognes and perfumes, inks and dyes, product creations, bug repellents, food sources, hunting poisons, survival techniques, and much much more.

A vast knowledge of plants and many diverse methods for healing was also collected by Spice Prince from his worldly travels. He experienced the wonderful opportunity to personally work with and learn from others in the field of natural healing. Spice worked with "folk healers" of the Appalachians; "bush doctors" in the Caribbean; curranderos of Mexico and Central America ; generation herbalists throughout the globe; spiritualists and gypsies in South America; Bomohs, Tanaga Dalam, Balian, and the Dukun of Indonesia; Aborigines of Australia; Kahunas and Kapunas in the Hawaiian Islands; and Native American Indians throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. He also experienced the other side of the coin with discussions and learning about issues on health from Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other physicians of the non-traditional field of Western Medicine.spicewoods

When very young, Spice's loving father exposed him to the benefits of hypnotics and outer body travels. He also had the opportunity to learn through his life travels the ancient art of Burmese and Thai styles of massage from masters in the Golden Triangle region of South East Asia. Balinese massage of Indonesia as well as Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) is also another style of massage learned by Spice from the Kahunas and Kapunas in the Hawaiian island chain. Aside from massage, Spice may use on his clients specific color and sound therapies as well as teaching and assisting others certain types of self taught meditations he's explored in order to help guide his clients back to health. It is not unusual for a person to take all the herbs available and eat the best diet possible, yet they cannot reach the goal of optimum health. This is when Spice and his true gift comes forward. This gift he respectfully holds sacred can move suppressing energy that prevents the body from functioning and operating freely. These blocks are generated by thought patterns, emotional traumas or experiences and many other occurrences from this lifetime and possibly others. Most claim to see colors, go into visions, feel massive energy flows, along with feeling the movement of and removal of things from the physical body. One may also see, feel, and communicate with energy forms, their personal guides, and angels as well. Clients also claim to realistically experience going into the past and future for themselves and others plus much much more.

spicecounterApart from passions for working with plants and helping others, he's incorporated his other passions while looking for new plants and cultures which are surfing, snowboarding, spearfishing and bow hunting. The working with plants and chasing waves along with other passions around the planet inspired Spice Prince to create his own clothing line using the name Island Spice for his logo wear. Your purchasing of his Island Spice surf logo wear will not only style you out with cool threads, but will also assist to help Spice expand his research with the infinite hopes of finding other means to help us all with possible new discoveries to new uses of plants and ways for healing naturally. As he continues to travel and learn from others as well as teach others methods for healing naturally and how to use the plants in their region of the world; Spice plans to fulfill and accomplish great objectives and goals for Island Spice. His intentions are to learn from and teach villages, tribes, and people of all cultures from around the globe how to properly utilize and harvest the plants in their specific area of the planet. Thus forth stimulating not only top quality Island Spice herbal products but natural clothing apparel all the way from the textile fabrics to the dyes and inks as well. The ultimate goal for Spice with his company Island Spice is global unity by supporting world wide cultures through the means of the proper utilization and cultivation of plants existing in all regions of the earth. Excited with joy, Spice is beyond greatful and thankful for all the people that have sought him for his knowledge and methods to heal naturally. Without these wonderful people, Spice claims he wouldn't have the understanding and knowledge for helping others that he does today. He is also highly appreciative towards those who have come into his life and influenced his spiritual and personal growth. Currently, Spice is writing books about conscious health as a guide for all to use. He wants to share the knowledge he has gathered from his life experiences of working with others. Once the first book is completed, he plans to distribute his teachings through seminars, public speeches, and published works including films and movies. "In order for natural healing to truly benefit all, we must first raise our vibration and conscious awareness by opening new doors of perception." --Spice Prince

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