Island Spice

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The Maui Bulletin 4.13.2001

Island Spice

Dennis R. Prince, also known as “SPICE” by friends, is a skilled traditional herbalist and energy worker actively practicing on the island of Maui. He operates a healing research center assisting people locally and from around the world to bring themselves back to wellness.

His wide array of different modalities to facilitate the healing process has allowed him to help those with health problems ranging from Aids to Warts. This is done with the use of his knowledge on herbs, diet, and proper lifestyle. Over years of training and observation, Dennis has acquired the ability to read the eyes and body to see if the body is physically, emotionally and/or electrically out of balance. But his greatest gift of all is his blessed ability to channel energies from a divine source to move suppressed energy blocking the spiritual body that can manifest disorders in the physical body. This diversity of knowledge has given Dennis the privilege and opportunity to appear on television and be broadcast on national radio.

     Dennis learned much of his herbal lore from his grandparents at a very young age. He was taught farming and the uses of plants and nature. These lessons included many “old folk” remedies for ailments. Dennis was also introduced to the benefits of hypnotic and outer-body travels at an early age as well.

     A vast knowledge of medicinal plants and many diverse methods on healing was collected by Dennis from worldly travels. He experienced the opportunity to personally work with and learn from others in the field of Natural Healing. He worked with “folk healers” of the Appalachians, “bush doctors” in the Caribbean, curanderos of Mexico and Central America, kahunas and kapunas in the Hawaiian Islands and Native American Indians throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. Dennis also explored the other side of the coin with discussions and learning issues from Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other physicians of the Western World