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Please know how ever so grateful we are. Your purchasing a product from ISLAND SPICE HAWAII helps to take our goal of “waking up” the masses and spreading consciousness one step further. It’s going to take more than just us to make a difference for a global conscious community. The purchasing of our products will not only help be part of the equation for spreading consciousness, but will also strive to help shed light on and support indigenous native cultures and tribes throughout the globe. We wish to not only captivate their uniqueness of cultural lifestyle and arts in our clothing, but help to continue their precious existence through sustainable farming and the gathering of natural medicines in their regions to use in our products. Please know that we are not some Corporate Dragon trying to jump on the money $ wagon in the Herbal Industry. This company literally started from the roots up and was founded by a generation herbal medicine man, psychic and healer who learned from his family and from tribes throughout his global travels.

All of the herbal products from ISLAND SPICE HAWAII have over 25 years of proving themselves with making people feel better and happier and has helped them to also experience healing through a natural means. The founder of this company Spice Prince, while looking for new plant medicines, has also chased his passions for surfing, spearfishing, bow hunting and snowboarding to exotic far away regions of the world. Life is such a gift, our teachings and products are to help you enjoy it that much more. Thanks again for your support and blessings. Have a magic day!  Sincerely……………  ISLAND SPICE HAWAII

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