Island Spice Hawaii Logo Wear

Island Spice Hawaii is a company founded on exploring the outer untouched and unknown regions of this incredible place we live in search of a spiritual awakening of finding ones inner being and higher self whether it be chasing that perfect wave, the search for natural places and plant medicines, adventures for seeking tribal cultures or breathing in that untouched snow powdered mountain. Our logo wear has been around the world and loved by all from the mountains to the sea and from the city to the most remote tribal regions. Be a part of the global tribal spiritual movement and wear Island Spice Hawaii today.

Bamboo T-Shirt



Island Spice – 100% Bamboo Made T-Shirt




Island Spice Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweat Shirt

Island Spice T-Shirt



Island Spice 100% Cotton T-Shirts

Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Island Spice Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Sweat Shirts



Island Spice Long Sleeve Sweat Shirts

Tank Top



Island Spice 100% Cotton Tank Top

Trucker Hat



Island Spice Trucker Hat

Youth T-Shirt



Island Spice Youth 100% Cotton T-Shirt