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Spice Prince Seminars SPC1


Shamanic Power Course #1
with Spice Prince
100 Hour Intensive training course.
Start Date: 8/16/2017
End Date: 9/13/2017
Location: Shasta, California
(See Accommodations below)

Tuition: $10,000.00 USD

Before you can purchase this course, you must sign the

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This 1st Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince will take place in the breath taking region of Mount Shasta in beautiful Northern California.

Coming from the island of Maui, Spice Prince will open his teaching to a wide array of topics throughout the course. Lots of hands-on exercises and practices to gain understanding and experience will be a part of the course teachings. Each student will be awarded a certificate of participation.

A life time of knowledge revolving around the arts of natural healing will be taught that is based on and derived solely from experience and handed down traditions. With this month long course, Spice Prince will be teaching the utilization of medicinal plants and will include proper harvesting methods sourced from wild crafting to farming including growing techniques like sprouting, grafting, etc. Working with plants for the medicinal and spiritual properties to gathering the frequency and the creation of extracts, salves, and more along with the art of formulation is just a minute part of the Shamanic Power course.

The exotic and elegant arts of aromatherapy, distillation, gas extraction, perfuming and the equipment and methods used to gather pure oils will also be taught. You will get a deep understanding of working with and understanding spiritual energy, true consciousness, the spiritual body and how we are affected by the planets. Key understanding to diet, survival skills, manifestation, and letting go along with highly effective never taught before meditation styles, forms and spiritual exercises for grounding and clearing are also part of the curriculum. Awakening your intuitive abilities and connecting deeper to self and spirit will also be exercised within the course including reading the eyes, hair, skin, voice, posture, walk and energy body of a person.

He will also teach the same forms of body work he’s used when working on pro athletes. So much more will be brought forth during the course giving you a solid foundation not only to help others but more importantly to helping yourself. With great heartfelt enthusiasm, Spice Prince is looking forward to meeting you and stepping out to teach his lifetime of work to help you to be a greater part of the needed solution to bring more “light” and consciousness to the world and help you find a deeper connection and meaning to self.

Should you have ANY questions or require more information for the Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince, please do not hesitate to contact his personal assistant:
Mekele @ 1.808.269.8137
Mon. – Sun. from 7 am to 7 pm HST


1) HERBAL MEDICINE – Understanding them, Properties, A deeper connection, The art of extraction, Salves, Compresses and Tinctures, Entheogens (Spiritual Medicines & Light Bringers), Administering and Application, Frequencies, The Art of Formulation, Dies and Craft, Survival

2) SMOKE -Natures Shot, Needle and the damage done

3) DIET – Nutrition and beyond, Even good foods can tear your house down, Thomas Edison: diet and care for the human frame, Mark 7:14-23

4) CONNECTING WITH NATURE – A deeper relationship, the true steps to being a shaman

5) SCENT, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ART – Aromatherapy, A deeper place, The art of Distilling, Point of Exhaustion, Oil Yields, Hydrosols, Bi-product, The art of gas extraction, The lovely art of perfuming, Sacred equipment

6) WORKING WITH PLANTS – Harvesting correctly, water content, drying and processing, Farming techniques, wild crafting, sprouting, grafting, more

7) WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS – The mind, We are a waterfall of light, Everything is Vibratory, High vs. Low, Vibratory Law, Everything is alive, Everything is energy

8) THE SPIRITUAL BODY – A deep understanding, You are God’s cocktail, You are the same as the earth, The elements of Self, deep it can go, The potter’s wheel

9) SEIZE THE DAY – Flowers, Gems and colors, moon and sun, Mana

10) ENHANCING YOUR INTUITION – Psychic vs Empathic, Talking with the ancestors, Speaking to plants, Speaking to animals, Development

11) SHAMANIC ENERGY -Understanding it, Positive and Negative, moving it, working with it,

12) SPIRITUAL EXERCISE – Why, Maintenance, Grounding, The Dance

13) TRUE & EFFECTIVE MEDITATION – The river, The wind, The Fire, The energy, Under One Roof

14) THE PLANETS – Understanding them, Their influence, Reading Charts

15) BODY WORK – Techniques, The lines, love it out

16) LOVE IS HEALING (TANTRA) -True & Simple, It’s just love, A tool for raising your vibration, Two Become One

17) TOOLS – Under the Glass, Bells&Chimes

18) FOLLOW SPIRIT – We’re all here together, Let God hold your hand, Path of least resistance, Leaf in the Wind, Listen to your heart


1) Question: Does the cost of tuition include meals and lodging?

  • Answer: Unfortunately, NO….the tuition fee does NOT include meals, lodging accommodation, transportation, flights or any other cost incurred to attend the seminar.

2) Question: How many seminars are going to be held per year?

  • Answer: At the current time, three to possibly four seminar will be held per year. Please follow our social media to keep informed. Also, it’s highly possible that these seminar could be the only ones available from Spice Prince due to numerous projects, possible TV shows and more opportunities for Spice Prince to reach out to help a broader audience in need of help.

3) Question: Where are the Seminars going to be held.

  • Answer: The first two seminar will be held in Mount Shasta of Northern California. The 1st seminar of the Shamanic Power course will take place from (August 16th – Sept 13th) and the 2nd will be ( October 4th – November 1st). Both will take place at the Shasta Star Ranch Bed & Breakfast. The 3rd course will take place in Telluride Colorado from (November 17th – December 13th) at The Peak Resort & Spa

4) Question: How long is the course?

  • Answer: The course is a 100+ hour course that takes place 5 days per week during a 4 week time period. Class will be from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a 1hr break from 2:30-3:30.

5) Question: Who is Spice Prince?

  • Answer: Spice Prince is a deep generation healer of the natural healing arts. Please look up the history page and his testimonials to get a further understanding about his life path and work for helping others. Please note that the testimonials posted are at least 20 years old and he’s done so much more!

6) Question: How will I benefit and what will I get from the course?

  • Answer: The Shamanic Power Course will be a very powerful transformation. During the course, there will be provided both an herbal detox program to raise the vibration of the physical body and exercises to raise the vibration of the spiritual body. You will be provided an amazing amount of knowledge that was handed down traditionally as well as decades of experience gained from working on thousands of people and with thousands of plants and more. The course is not only designed to help others, but to help yourself and give avenue to an applied path of passion and career of numerous choices and potential possibilities in the healing arts.

7) Question: How do I sign up for the course?

  • Answer: To sign up for the course, look for the turquoise banners on the web-site or look under Herbal Research and navigate into the seminar page. Choose the date/location of the course and follow the steps through the payment process. If you’ve any questions, please contact Mekele at (808) 269-8137. She will be happy to answer any question you may have.


Island Spice and Spice Prince makes no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No Island Spice products are intended to replace the one-on-one relationship and advice of your qualified health care professional.

Spice Prince is a traditional healer, psychic and herbalist and is NOT a licensed physician nor does he make any claims to cures nor does he take the place of any one on one relationship of any licensed physician.

The Shamanic Power Course is for educational purposes only.

The Shamanic power course, educational exercises, herbal products and traditional art form created by Spice Prince have not been evaluated by the FDA. At no point are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

Please consult a qualified health care physician before modifying your diet, using a new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

Course and class schedule dates may change and you will be notified.

Class curriculum may change.

Location of Shamanic Power Course may change and you will be notified.


BEFORE making this purchase, you will have had to agree to the terms of registration which will state the following and will be a legally binding agreement…

“I, the undersigned, am committed to taking the Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince.

I also understand that Spice Prince is a traditional healer, psychic and herbalist and is NOT a licensed physician nor does he makes any claims to cures nor does he take the place of any one on one relationship of any licensed physician. His Shamanic Power course is for educational purposes only. How you choose to use this art form with self or others does not hold Spice Prince liable or accountable for any of your actions with self or others in relation to the learned teachings of the course including any and all health related issues, sicknesses and even death.

I also understand that during the Shamanic Power Course with Spice Prince that there will be spiritual exercises taught and an herbal detox program provided with the course and I have the right to choose to make use or decline in participation. In the act of choosing to participate in the spiritual exercises and herbal detox program I understand that I may experience unanticipated or uncomfortable abnormal reactions. If I am to experience unanticipated or uncomfortable abnormal reactions, I do not hold Spice Prince in any way responsible or accountable for my undesirable experiences from participating in the spiritual exercises or herbal detox program provided during the Shamanic Power Course. In the event of experiencing unanticipated or uncomfortable abnormal reactions I understand that it is my choice, discretion, and responsibility to make the decision to stop immediately and seek medical attention.

I also understand that a 15% cancellation fee of the full tuition cost for the Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince will be applied to the cancellation of and return of financial paid funds initially applied to secure tuition cost for the course. The 15% cancellation fee is excludes date change applied to courses of later date to which a 5% change fee will be applied pending available course seating.

To secure tuition for the Shamanic Power course, a payment for the total amount of $10,000 must be received, in full, in order to secure available lecture seating.

I understand that the price of Tuition for the Shamanic Power Course includes ONLY the cost of tuition and does NOT include airfare, transportation, meals, lodging accommodations or any other cost incurred other than the cost of tuition for the Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince.

I understand that the course, educational exercises and herbal products, and traditional art form created by Spice Prince have not been evaluated by the FDA. At no point are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If I have a health concern or condition I need to consult a qualified health care physician before modifying my diet, using a new product, drug, supplement or doing any new exercises.”


Shasta Starr Ranch Bed and Breakfast
August 16th- September 13th – 2017

Address: 1008 W A Barr Rd, Mt Shasta, CA 96067
Phone: (530) 926-3870


In the event that the Shasta Star Ranch is completely booked for accommodation, we have worked out a discounted rate with the mentioning of the course with both the Shasta Inn and the Strawberry Valley Inn.

The Shasta Inn is located at:
1121 Mt. Shasta Blvd,Mount Shasta, CA 96067
Phone:(530) 926-3411
CLICK HERE to visit the website

The Strawberry Valley Inn is located at:
1142 South Mt. Shasta Blvd, Mount Shasta, CA 96067
Phone (530) 926-2052
CLICK HERE to visit the website.

We wish to make not only your transformation and learning experience life changing, but we very much want you to have absolute happiness and comfort during your time in Mt. Shasta with the SHAMANIC POWER COURSE. If for some reason you seek a different type of accommodation and any other special request, please don’t hesitate to let us know ….we’d be happy to assist you with all your possible needs prior to the beginning of the course.