For decades now…. Spice Prince, a traditional healer, psychic and medicine man has been approached by many to teach his numerous methods and modalities used to help others find their way back to wellness. Spice has chosen to come forward and open the door and share his unique approach to healing and a health based spiritual life. Working with others via natural techniques based on having an herbal research and healing center for decades where he’s worked with more than 11,000 plants and helped thousands of people around the globe. His knowledge and learned teachings was passed down from his family, ancestral tribes, shamans, his spirit guides and by many cultures from all over this beautiful and magical earth.

 With so many projects before him, this will not only be the first-time Spice Prince has taught but could also possibly be the last. Whether you’re seeking help with health-related issues or you’re a physician, a practitioner or just absolutely fascinated with metaphysical topics, spiritual practices and the alternative healing arts…… this course for true consciousness is for you.

With limited space available, this 1st Shamanic Power course with Spice Prince will take place in the breath taking region of Mount Shasta in beautiful Northern California. Coming from the island of Maui, Spice Prince will open his teaching to a wide array of topics throughout the course. Lots of hands-on exercises and practices to gain understanding and experience will be a part of the course teachings. Each student will be awarded a certificate of participation. A life time of knowledge revolving around the arts of natural healing will be taught that is based on and derived solely from experience and handed down traditions. With this month long course, Spice Prince will be teaching the utilization of medicinal plants and will include proper harvesting methods sourced from wild crafting to farming including growing techniques like sprouting, grafting, etc.

Working with plants for the medicinal and spiritual properties to gathering the frequency and the creation of extracts, salves, and more along with the art of formulation is just a minute part of the Shamanic Power course. The exotic and elegant arts of aromatherapy, distillation, gas extraction, perfuming and the equipment and methods used to gather pure oils will also be taught. You will get a deep understanding of working with and understanding spiritual energy, true consciousness, the spiritual body and how we are affected by the planets. Key understanding to diet, survival skills, manifestation, and letting go along with highly effective never taught before meditation styles, forms and spiritual exercises for grounding and clearing are also part of the curriculum.

Awakening your intuitive abilities and connecting deeper to self and spirit will also be exercised within the course including reading the eyes, hair, skin, voice, posture, walk and energy body of a person. He will also teach the same forms of body work he’s used when working on pro athletes. So much more will be brought forth during the course giving you a solid foundation not only to help others but more importantly to helping yourself. With great heartfelt enthusiasm, Spice Prince is looking forward to meeting you and stepping out to teach his lifetime of work to help you to be a greater part of the needed solution to bring more “light” and consciousness to the world and help you find a deeper connection and meaning to self.

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